Restaurant Review: Mr. P’s Buffalo Wings

Location: 875 West Poplar Ave., Collierville, TN

For as long as I’ve lived in the Collierville area, I have never eaten at Mr. P’s until this week (for shame).  I’ve watched other hot wing restaurants come and go from the area, but Mr. P’s has been a mainstay in Collierville.  Although the Collierville location is not their first, it speaks to their reputation as restaurateurs as over the years they expanded their number of locations in the region to six.

As I walked into the cozy location I was greeted by the friendly staff manning the register.  At first glance, the restaurant is clean and well maintained.  Sports memorabilia lined the walls of the dining area and three televisions were tuned to ESPN.  This is definitely a good environment to eat hot wings.

The menu features catfish, burgers, sausage on a stick, hot dogs, and even hot tamales (a southern delicacy).  I was there for the headliner, hot wings.  Everything is made to order at Mr. P’s so I ordered a 10 piece of the regular hot variety and 15 short minutes later they were presented before me.

Visually the pile of wings looked and smelled great.  The cayenne steam rising off them made my mouth start to water immediately.  The color of regular hot sauce definitely indicates a lot of butter was used.  The color was a yellowish red that had a translucent characteristic about it.  The sauce definitely was stuck to the wings, not too thick, not too runny.

Inside the restaurant they have signage indicating that they proudly buy their wings from Sysco Foods.  I know that Sysco is one of the largest food providers in the country and they offer a wide range of varying quality food products to their customers.  That stated, the size of the wings were midsized to small.  They had given me more than 10 pieces, and rightfully so as some of the wing pieces were extremely small and had very little meat on them.  Other wing pieces, such as the drummies, were ample in meat.

The wings had a good flavor.  Lightly breaded, they had a great crunch and a juicy interior.  The sauce was indeed a regular hot.  The vinegary tang coupled with the cayenne heat was in perfect balance.  The heat was not overbearing, but definitely delivered.  If there’s one thing that I don’t like about hot wing restaurants, it’s regular hot wings that are not actually spicy.  Mr P.’s sauce didn’t disappoint.

Overall I give the hot wings 3 out of 5.  I will return.

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